Often, the average person decides to hold his peace when he is cheated out of little amounts of money because he can not afford to take on the huge corporations on his own. Or if he can, he is not sure of the outcome of the lawsuit. When you and many others have the same legal problems, individual actions is then not a prudent utilization of time and legal resources. Enter class action litigation.

In California, federal and state laws govern class actions. The prerequisites for a class action are that there should be a large number of complainants who have a similar claim and similar defenses. Upon court certification, the case can go ahead as a class action. Usually it is against big corporations that have massive resources at their disposal and thus requiring the class action representative to hire attorneys whose competency will guarantee the success of the class action suit. Accordingly, Eppsteiner and Fiorica Attorneys, LLP is a pool of competent and aggressive lawyers who have a wealth of experience in class action suits. If you would like more information you can visit their website.


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