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What is the purpose of the investigation?

The criminal investigations are conducted with the aim of examining whether public charges should be brought against a defendant. The purpose of the preliminary investigation is therefore to determine whether a specific person has committed a specific offense.

What is the job of the prosecutor?

The prosecutor directs the investigation in accordance with the Code of Criminal Procedure. She is the guardian of the preliminary investigation. This means that the prosecutor's office determines in particular:

  • whether investigations are being taken,
  • whether a suspect is summoned as an accused,
  • which proofs are made and
  • whether public action is brought.

The police your friend and helper or rather the lawyer for criminal law?

In practice, the task of the public prosecutor differs significantly from the requirements of the Code of Criminal Procedure. On a large scale, investigations are initially conducted independently by the police, without the public prosecutor being aware of this. Only when, in the opinion of the police, the investigation is completed, the investigation file will be submitted to the prosecutor.

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