Drug Crime Lawyer Protecting All Your Rights

If you have been accused of either possessing or selling drugs, you will need a good drug crime attorney. This type of legal representative can reduce the sentence, or even get your case thrown out entirely, avoiding all penalties. Get an idea of the kinds of cases such lawyers tend to work with before deciding whether one would suit your case.

The majority of people are accused of the possession of drugs, typically in a small amount. In order for you to be found guilty of this accusation, it needs to be proved that you were holding or carrying the substance, and that you knew what it was at the time. Of course, it also needs to be shown that it was a drug at all, as some legal substances can be confused for illegal drugs. If there is any uncertainty that these points are valid, a medication wrongdoing lawyer might have the capacity to get the charges diminished or tossed out altogether.

If you were caught with a large amount of illegal substances, it may be determined that you intended to sell them. This is especially true if you have much more than most people would use at once, and if they were in smaller packages, which are typically known for being easiest to distribute. Obviously, the penalties for this accusation are more serious than the ones associated with intent to use illegal substances. Thus, you will definitely need a good drug crime attorney to convince the jury that you did not know what the substance was, did not have it in your possession, or at least did not plan to sell it.

Likewise, intent to offer is somewhat different from really having sold the medications, as the punishments can be stiffer with the last charge. If it can be demonstrated that you did truth be told disseminate illicit substances before being gotten, it is a smart thought to get a lawyer. He or she may be able to create a defense for you that at least reduces the sentencing, as the penalties often include years of incarceration.

In any of these cases, an experienced criminal lawyer in Los Angeles from the law firm of Gurovich, Berk & Associates can be helpful, but especially when you have a lot to lose. While using controlled substances may have somewhat lenient punishments, as well as various defenses, distributing can carry harsher consequences. If you want to avoid jail, fines, or probation where possible, your best bet is to contact a lawyer from Gurovich, Berk & Associates who is well-versed in this area.

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