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Real Estate Investment means: investment in real estate . This involves first buying and possibly selling the real estate itself and not modernizing or refurbishing the properties. However, when buying a condominium or buying a home, especially through a private individual, you would hardly speak of Real Estate Investment lawyer. This is true even if the property was not purchased for personal use , but as a financial investment and for rent. Here are real estate values ??and possibly a minor operation as a landlord in addition to bank balances and funds or shares popular as an investment. The term is usually associated with real estate investment trusts. These are real estate company shares that are traded on the stock exchange. Business of the corporation (AG) is essentially the attitude of ownership or the management of real estate, but without residential real estate or home ownership. While previously funds – open or closed real estate funds – were the common form of investment alongside the direct purchase of real estate , real estate investment trusts have meanwhile become important as well.


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