McBeath & Smith, LLP Law Services for ‘Modification of Judgement’ Filings.

McBeath & Smith, LLP, is a leading provider of family law services in Santa Rosa, CA. A modification of judgement is an agreement that is approved by the court to modify the previous final judgement made in the last session in a court of law. By submitting a motion, the request is made to the court of law to change a previous final judgement made in the court of law. In order for this to proceed, a change in circumstances must be demonstrated from the last court order. This change in circumstances would be qualified as: income changes for either party, which would affect the amount of social support by more than 15% up or down, life changes of one of the parents involved affecting how involved in the child’s life they are able to be, and a significant change in one party’s financial situation. Contact McBeath & Smith, LLP for more information on this filing.


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