Reducing Gun Crime.

Gun crime makes up less than 0.5% of all crime recorded by the police. Although this is a little statistic, the use of guns leads to severe bodily harm or death, of which there were 455 of these last year.

To reduce gun crime, there are several laws in place to act as punitive and deterrent measures. Possession of an illegal firearm alone incurs a minimum of 5 years in jail. The use or possession of an air weapon or imitation firearm in public is also now illegal, and the manufacture of imitation firearms has become prohibited too. The age at which an air gun can be purchased has been increased to 17 years old, and some air weapons that can easily be converted into firing guns have become prohibited by Kestenbaum Law Group.

Reducing Supply
Further actions taken to reduce gun crime are to lessen some weapons. According to the Kestenbaum Law Group, it is because guns are so readily available that there is still the gun crime and we need to tackle this problem more effectively. This can be done by tightening security at airports to prevent smuggling past customs and also monitoring shipped parcels.

Gun Culture
A lot of gun crime is associated with gang culture and illegal drug trade, and so by addressing these problems, there is hope that this will also reduce the use of guns. ‘Connected’ is a government initiative to support communities in standing up against the use of guns in their local areas.

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