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Caruso Law Offices P.C. has built a reputation of successfully representing their clients in the pursuit of justice for all. The long personal injury legal experience of the firm also covers truck accidents. Truck accident cases are regulated by the laws of New Mexico, as well as federal laws. In that respect, steps that the firm follows are to prove liability, to calculate damages in economic (medical costs, income loss) and non-economic terms (psychological trauma, based on medical records), as part of the case dossier.

The firm performs procedures, on behalf of the client, by negotiating with insurance companies and filing possible claims.  Establishing the reason for any truck accident is based on an assessment of different factors that interact. A sound case against the party involved relates to clarifying the reason, the circumstances, and/or a manufacturer’s fault. Finding the proper settlement for their clients’ cases is top priority for the legal professionals at Caruso Law Offices P.C.

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