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The Law Office of David A. Martin & Associates

The Law Office of David A. Martin & Associates

Divorce doesn’t need to be a complex type of situation; there are ways to lessen the stress that former couples would feel during the divorce case process.

Divorce or the termination of marital union under the rule of law, will be subjected to various proceedings and a reliable lawyer is needed in order to pursue the case.

The Law Office of David A. Martin & Associates can provide legal assistance to complex proceedings.

The legal process of divorce will at times involve alimony or spousal support, issues of child custody, child visitation rights, parenting time and distribution of property and division of debt.

This at times, can be an emotional rollercoaster, in order to be able to handle the case well; there is a need to hire lawyers that specialize with divorce cases.

An expert divorce lawyer would tread on mediation cases and lower the instances of further quarrel between their clients. The task of the lawyer is to find a fair solution for both parties involved. The Law Office of David A. Martin & Associates are a divorce law firm based in Sacramento.


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Joyce Holcomb Handles Modification of Justice

Modification of judgment refers to a situation whereby, a juvenile court jurisdiction is terminated or modified at the court’s own motion. This is usually done after a review hearing in neglect or an abuse case. There are many reasons as to why people end up requiring the modification of the judgment, such cases include when parents move to different jobs, requiring different working schedules, as the previous schedules may no longer be applicable, the court, therefore, needs to change to schedules favorable to everyone. Another scenario that may require the modification of the judgment is when one parent needs more visitation hours, in this situation, a lawyer will argue in court and convince the court that there has been a change of circumstances. Modification of judgment cases therefore require a reputable law firm such as the Law of Joyce Holcomb, is a necessity.

It is a fact that these cases are tricky, they require a reputable firm to handle them, represent you. A highly experienced Attorney will see you through, but choosing the right one can end up being tricky. The Law Office of Joyce Holcomb is a respectable firm that has many years experience and has helped so many people get justice, the modification of the judgment cases in California. It is composed of highly knowledgeable lawyers with undisputable experience in dealing with family court cases. Let the experts take you through the whole process.


12 2015

Family Law Attorneys

Disputes within the family can be solved with the help of law attorneys, based on family law set by the government.
Divorce Law: Dissolution of the marriage can be due to any one of the following reasons:- Incurable sanity- Irreconcilable differences
Child Support: This is the total amount that is required by both the parents to be paid every month in order to meet the living expenses of the child.
Child Custody and Parenting: In case of separation, the parents will be given a parenting schedule based on which he/she can spend time with the child. A change in the existing order is also possible when requested by both the parties.
Guardianship: When someone (other than the parents) is given custody over the child, it falls under this category. In most cases it involves taking care of the child and/or managing the property of the child.
Though most disputes are best sorted out within the two parties, the presence and guidance of a lawyer will help you hold your stance when situations go out of your hand.

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