Child Custody in Farmington.

Custody of divorced spouses In a divorce, both parents have joint custody of the child or children, unless the parties otherwise strive. Despite all theory, of course, the parent has better leverage, in which the child eventually lives in Farmington, and still decides everyday alone. Farmington child custody attorney. There are only a few significant issues that require the other parent's consent, such as school selection, medical intervention, or moving with the child. However, many questions can only be answered on a case-by-case basis, as child custody is very complex and offers many individual case decisions. Smoak Law, P.C family lawyers in Farmington.


It often depends on how well the parents can talk to each other, whether they agree on the school, medical and other care of the child. Do I have a right to see my child? How often is the father / mother allowed to see his / her child? Can I apply for sole custody? Does a parent have a duty to take care of their child? Who has the right to determine which doctor the child is going to? Do I have to pay maintenance even though I can not see my child? Who is concerned about a child born out of wedlock? May my child be taken abroad? Smoak Law, P.C. Farmington family lawyers.

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