Importance Of Hiring A Child Support Attorney

Parents are obligated by the law to fully support their children even if they have never been married or have divorced. In cases where parents are not living together, the law provides that one parent has to pay child support. Traditionally, men have been known to pay child support but courts have recognized that giving custody to fathers also may be in the child’s best interest. Courts acknowledge that the opinion of the child also counts in determining whether to grant custody to a father. In such cases it is increasingly common to find women paying to men child support given that more and more women have joined the workforce.

Child support is determined based on several factors such as child care costs, parents’ incomes, custody arrangements and the individual needs of a child. Sacramento Child support lawyers will assist men or women with child support issues by ensuring that they are fairly treated and that all aspects of a case are professionally handled in addition to ensuring that the child support order is enforced. A child support lawyer will advise you on your rights and responsibilities when paying or receiving child support benefits. Hiring an experienced attorney simplifies the process significantly ensuring that all parties involved are well informed at every stage of the process.

Child support orders normally sets a due date for payment as well as a specified amount. The amount can be paid by payroll deduction, money order or by check. The Law Office of David A. Martin & Associates is a family law firm in Sacramento, California with a team of experienced and dedicated lawyers who specialize in child support cases. We understand how complicated and difficult a divorce can be especially when children are involved. We are committed to ensuring that the process of child support settlement is fast and less emotionally draining.

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