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The decision for the Law Offices of Steven J. Horn as a form of the company brings a close personal connection with the other partners. This creates a dependency ratio. It can be problematic in the shareholder dispute above all in two-person companies. At Law Offices of Steven J. Horn, they can assist those in Encino with partnership dispute cases. Mistrust goes hand in hand with disagreements. Be it on a personal or business level. In any case, the personal connection of the shareholders is disturbed. The evenly distributed power relations can lead to stalemates in stalemates. If both partners are still managing directors, the existence of theLaw Offices of Steven J. Horn can be endangered. One shareholder will then try to force the other shareholder out of the firm and vice versa. Their job as a specialist lawyer for partnership disputes for a law firm in Encino is to assist you in every phase of the conflict and to bring about a long-term positive result for you.

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