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Drug crimes include use or possession and manufacturing, distributing and trafficking of illegal or controlled substances. Drug charges are being prosecuted on a daily basis and the penalties are vary greatly. They include jail time, probation, mandatory rehabilitation and fines. But these charges may carry unknown heavy penalties even if one is a first time offender.

The need for an experienced lawyer with a deep understanding of drug crimes cannot be understated. At Lotze Mosley LLP, they will strive to come up with a suitable defense strategy for each case should you chose to plead not guilty. Different states approach drug charges differently but the federal government has the toughest stances. Their defense strategies at Lotze Mosley LLP include challenging presented evidence often through violations of search and seizure. Affirmative defense may also apply in some states, for example the right to use marijuana for medical reasons in states where medical marijuana use is legal. With Lotze Mosley LLP, you can be sure you’ll be getting expert legal representation for drug crimes charges.

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