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Child benefits at The Law Office Denise Miller covered by social security law of child support law firm in Port St. Lucie. If your child benefit has been refused, terminated, reduced or reduced, our social security lawyer may be of service. An objection can be made against a decision of the Law Firm in Port St. Lucie within six weeks. A provisional provision can also be requested from the court. In that case, payment of the child benefit can be continued until the objection has been decided. If the SVB again makes a negative decision, this decision can be appealed. This happens at the court. Right to child benefit Parents are entitled to child benefit if they live or work in the Port St. Lucie, or if they work abroad for an employer established. In addition, it must concern children who have not yet reached the age of 18. The parents also have to actually maintain the child. In this context, the Lawyer uses a presumption of proof: in the case of a child younger than sixteen, it is presumed that it concerns a child whose parent is entitled to child benefit. A social security law attorney can give you advice with regard to the right to child benefit. The Law Office of Denise Miller P.A are a family law firm located in Port St Lucie.


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